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Jersey bull/steer calves for beef? Welcome to.

18/01/2007 · Hello! My family would have the opportunity to purchase a very young Jersey bull calf this coming spring from a Mennonite dairy near us. I have heard that Jersey steers raised on their mother's milk are very good for beef. what about if they have had to be raised on milk replacer? 24/02/2012 · Holstein steers have the genetic ability to produce carcasses with quality comparable or better than many beef breeds. Ensuring steers receive high quality care is a critical first step in raising healthy calves that can grow rapidly and efficiently. Feeding the dairy steers can be an excellent profit center for the dairy farm or feeding. 07/08/2012 · Steers will give slightly better yields. Percentage-of-yield wise, pretty similar to a "backyard" beef calf or even a deer. The biggest problem most people have in getting a Jersey butchered is that they have the butcher hang the carcass way too long. Young Jerseys younger than 15 mo. do not require more than 3 or 4 days hanging cure time.

11/04/2014 · Retail beef prices do not differentiate between steer and heifer carcasses. The average overall retail Choice beef price for Feb. 2014 was $5.58 per pound. Very small differences are noted between beef from steers and heifers after looking at large populations of data. The Jersey cattle were successfully imported into the United Kingdom in small herds by several aristocratic landowners who were impressed by the breed’s submissive temperament, small size, attractive features and seemingly curious nature where they were used as ornaments for the beautification of several owned landscape parks. 29/06/2018 · Jagger runs a Jersey-cross beef business as a lucrative sideline to his Jersey dairy farm. He is a sixth-generation Whangarei Heads farmer on a 550ha property milking about 650 Jersey cows on 230ha and he runs a dairy beef operation carrying about 220 Jersey. 02/11/2011 · They claim that Jersey beef tastes the best, Holstein second. This is compared to beef breeds!!! We get our HoJo steers to dress out pretty good. They are stockier and have a little more meat than bone structure when compared to the pure Holsteins steers. 08/11/2013 · I have a jersey bull calf that I am planning to make a steer shortly. He is a good size calf so far in difference to the other one I got with him who recently passed for reasons unknown I know jerseys are not primarily a meat breed, but heard the steers are good to raise up for a smaller beef cow.

30/11/2019 · Just wondering how a Jersey or Jersey/dairy cross steer or bull would dress out. The last few years we've bought a grass fed and grass/grain finished Simmental steer or heifer as a beef cow from a rancher friend mmm-mmm good!!. Value - Quality - Cattle Herd / Jersey / Lowlines & Longhorn Lans Cambroon Qld 4552 19 Nov 2019 Miniature Galloway Pet Steers. Excellent foster cow and 2 beef calves stewart Roadvale near Boonah QLD 10 Nov 2019. Miniature Galloway Bulls & steers 9 to 18 mths from $650 Valleycloud Sunshine Coast Region 13 Oct 2019. 18/04/2019 · in this throwback Thursday video we go back to 1999 we think to a shed of cattle we were finishing, a mix of pedigree Limousin, Limousin x, jersey and Ayrshire bulls and jersey and Ayrshire x limousins. i talk about the jersey x limousins in particular as i was asked about them in a previous video. hope ye enjoy the video thanks for. 25/07/2013 · With confirmation that birth weight wasn’t an issue, the focus moved to the feeding stage, and how the Limousin x Jersey steers would stack up against the beef breeds. The first test group of Limousin x Jersey cattle 550 head entered the backgrounding phase at. Our primary objective was to evaluate the potential for Jersey and Jersey-Holstein crossbred steers for beef production in the Southeastern U.S. As part of that evaluation, we wanted to compare beef from animals reared primarily on pasture versus those that received a high concentrate diet before harvest.

Jersey Cattle - Cattle for Sale.

The beef breeds do best at converting feed into a meaty, heavily muscled carcass. This is not to say that dairy calves cannot and should not be raised for beef. Countless ones have. Many a Jersey bull calf has been raised to become steaks and roasts. Jersey bull calves are slaughtered for veal. Jersey cows, when they're too old to be productive any more or are culled for productivity reasons, are slaughtered for beef, which is often made into ground beef for hamburger and such. Ultimately, though, Jerseys are not used for meat, but for dairy or milk production.

29/10/2012 · Their collective idea: cross Jersey dams with Limousin sires and send the offspring — steers and heifers — to the feedlot. "The value of Jersey bull calves is virtually zero," says Adam Zeltwanger, Beef Team Manager at Riverview Dairy. "We were keenly interested in trying a strategy that would generate some profit from those calves. I've been watching Craigslist for all things Jersey in our area for a while. It seems like Jersey steers go for a lower price than beef steers do, but I would think they are certainly capable of being sold for meat.

4 jersey steers available, 2 years old ready to process for freezer beef. Selling live, $450 each. Raised on our farm since calves, fed grass, hay, and grain. Some examples of beef cattle rations for different feeding and management systems are given in Tables 1 and 2. Table 1. Both are effective for steers and heifers fed growing or finishing rations. They give some protection against acidosis and founder when cattle are fed high-grain rations. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at the Irish Jersey Cattle Society website. For a more general overview of how to choose a breed that suits your farm, you can also read our article on Beef Cattle: Choosing the Right Breed for You. Photo Source: Flickr. For Sale: 2100 Angus, Beefmaster, Brahman, Fleckvieh, Gelbvieh, Holstein, Irish Blacks, Jersey, Limousin, Limousin Cross Cow/Calf Pairs.

Feeding dairy steers for profitable weight gain. Frank Wardynski Published on 30 June 2015. Related. What to expect and how to manage corn silage from the 2019 season Uncovering the hidden glucose source cows need Trace mineral source: Form equals function Dairy steers contribute 15 to 20 percent of the fed beef market in the U.S. I have a couple of Jersey Cross Steers headed to Hoesly`s in New Glarus the first week in April, just in time for the start of the summer grilling season. They have been raised on pasture, good alfalfa and corn without any medications, implants or hormones. Jersey beef is extremely tender with a very delicous natural flovor. Yes there is beef. Tenderness and beef palatability traits of Limousin Jersey cross bred steers and Certified Angus Beef. Final Report to Wulf Limousin J. L. Bumsted, L.M. Hoffman, A. D. Blair, S. M. Scramlin. 11/11/1993 · Jersey steers in contrast grew too slowly and when slaughtered at 22–23 months of age their carcasses were too light. Some carcasses of this breed group could be downgraded because of yellow‐coloured fat. Therefore it is not recommended that Jersey steers should be considered by farmers for this kind of beef production.

Pennsylvania state beef extension specialist Dr. Tara Felix says dairy steers contribute to approximately 15 to 20 percent of the nation’s beef supply, and that numerous packers are interested in receiving a steady supply of them. “Holstein calves have the genetics and the propensity to marble and cut out exceedingly well,” said Felix. This beef breed boasts a low birthweight, making it feasible for Jerseys to calve in with a tested 98.8 percent calving ease. In addition, “The Limousin breed strengths combat the Jersey breed’s weaknesses in size and carcass weights,” Jerry Wulf, president of Wulf Cattle, explains.

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